I believe there is power in words that we write and speak. God himself gave us the Bible, God's love letter to us, to show us how much He loves us. Through words we can encourage or put down, speak life or death. Be blessed and read encouragement, correction and word that has power!
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1 Tess. 5:21
"Test all things; hold fast what is good."

Hebrews 4:12
"For the Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even the to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."

Jeremia 23:29
"Is not my word like a fire?", says the Lord. "And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?"

30 mars 2013

Easter; a time to be amazed...

O my word, I just realized how long ago it was since I last updated something. But for that matter I am not a person to just update just because I have to update. I want it to be the right time and the right words. Today is such a day.

2013 started and I think this has been the most challenging year so far in my life. Even though I have been through a lot in life, and I have been through a lot, I believe this has been one of my most molding year ever, and it is only the third month yet. What I have been through have drawn me closer to the cross and I am grateful! During this Easter season I am considering a few things. Things to meditate on and really be grateful for.
When God is allowing Jesus to choose if he wants to do the call to go to the cross, (Matthew 26:42) I cannot start to wonder; what if Jesus said NO to the call? What if Jesus would have said: this is too hard for me, all the pain that is involved, all the shame and the ridicule I have to go through, all the mocking, beating and finally the death I have to go through; NO I don' want to go through it. What if?...........I am thinking to myself that God is saying in His word that: everything works together for the good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose" (Romans 8:28). So even if we as believers make mistakes, somehow sooner or later, God will work things for the good. Yes there might be bad concequences for our bad choices in life, but if you repent and are willing to change and turn from those wicked ways, surely, God will change it for the good according to his promises. Not to say that you can do whatever you want and hope for the best, no, we are responsible for what we do as believers in the faith. My question would be then, what if Jesus did not choose the cross? Well, there would have been no salvation for mankind. Or? Would God have made another way for man to be saved? I am thinking about how we go about in the life, not considering what kind of price Jesus actually paid. It was a willing price with a lot of pain and hurt involved. Despite those conditions, Jesus went to the cross. We must be grateful for what he did on that cross, it was not an easy price that He paid for you and me. He had his temptations and struggles, but at the end of the day God conquered death and victory came!!
Another thing I have been thinking about this Easter is that not many people take up what happened in the city while Jesus died on that cross. People who where in their graves stood up and came to life as if they never where dead (Matthew 27:52, 53). Can you imagine; you buried you brother the day before Jesus died on the cross, the next day here he is standing in the front room!!! What confusion!! What did the people think?! A lot of people must have come to beleive that day, but a lot of people must also have been terrified. An earthquake shook the city, dead people where walking in the streets, the sky was darkened........what a day of miracles and confusion.....a mixture of events...........
I am so grateful to God for allowing me to walk where I walk today. If it was not for His grace, I do not know where I would have been. I love Him with all my heart, mind and soul!



"The biggest tragedy in the world we live in is not the evil of the man, but the silence of Gods saints!"

"Despite the economy of the world, God never looses interest!"

"Do not allow your circumstances to dictate to you the concept about your future and what God can do!"

"You must have some boring times in life in order to appreciate the fun times in life."

"Travailing and endurance in prayer will give birth sooner or later!"

"God allows life to be rocky. His intention is not to let the rocks grind you into dust, but to polish you to become a brilliant jewel."